Off The Record, Vol.1 (2023)
Kurt Maloo’s latest project is a collection of new songs to be released on EPs every now and then, starting with volume 1 on April 6, 2023. Reviving his 1966 Fender Strat and singing in Spanish (for the first time) on one of the songs, might not be what you were used to hear on his previous albums. But the new songs will constantly grow on you. Their fresh and intriguing atmosphere is providing the perfect background for Kurt’s warm and comforting voice.


What About Cover


What About (2014)
A funky and soulful album, mainly driven by Kurt’s guitar. His unique voice seems to feel comfortable with the slender arrangements, the wider range of styles and simply sounds better than ever.  



Summer Of Better Times 



Summer Of Better Times (2010)
A collection of new songs related to summer and it’s influence on Kurt Maloo’s songwriting. A fresh combination of jazzy melodies and light grooves, that carry his distinctive, soothing voice. 




Loopy Avenue (2006) 
A highly sensitive mixture of reworked Double songs by Pit Baumgartner (DePhazz) and new material from Double’s front man Kurt Maloo. 



Soul and Echo

Soul and Echo (1995) 
Kurt Maloo’s second solo album, that reverberates the streets of Paris, Maloo’s home from the late 80s to mid 90s. Containing Micheal Cretu’s rework of “The Captain Of Her Heart”


More albums:

– Single (1990)

– Double – DOU3LE (1987)

– Double – Blue (1985)

– Ping Pong – From Exile (1982)

– Luna Luna + 7 Notorious Maloo Homeworks (1980)

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