45 thoughts on “Contact

  1. christoph meier says:

    Hallo Kurt! Ich bin ein grosser Fan von Double und Deiner Musik aus den Solo-Alben! Wann gibst Du mal wieder ein Konzert in der Schweiz? Viele Grüsse Christoph

      1. pasquale davino says:

        hi kurt remember song the captain iof her heart rangoon moon have the band troppo and other and double after as solo carriers and album now new album very best what about ciao and goodluck ciao ciao

      2. pasquale d.avino says:

        hi kurt best song the captain of her heart i know as you carrier solo carriers and felix is dead of attack cardiac best song sanremo festival as two video fo song asn solo album blue the single rangoon moon and the womand of world ma this captain is famous success ciao kelix good year ciao

  2. Hanspeter graf says:

    Hallo Mr. Maloo

    Bin dank dem dem heutigen Bericht im Tagi auf Ihre Seite gestossen. Klar war ich damals ein Fan vom Captain, wusste aber bisher nicht, dass Sie die Sache weiter gezogen haben.
    Die neueren Sachen die ich bis jetzt gehört habe (auf Spotify) finde ich grossartig.
    Manchmal ist der Tagi eben schon ein tolles Blatt. Freue mich riesig, dass ich wieder Musik von Ihnen hören kann und hoffe, dass Sie noch lange weiter machen.

    Alles Liebe und Gute für Ihre Zukunft – rock on –
    und herzliche Grüsse aus Uetikon am See
    Hanspeter Graf

  3. Francisco Garza says:

    Hello Mr. Kurt Maloo my wife and I love your songs, in special Captain of her heart and Gliding, and we want to know when you will visit Mexico.


  4. Shylette Carson says:

    Mr. Maloo, there is currently an open invitation for international acts to perform in the Kansas City Jazz District during a three-year rollout for a centennial celebration of the oldest jazzhaus still in full swing. Would you be interested in bringing your unique sound to KC in celebration of all that is Jazz?

  5. Carole Taylor says:

    Just saw where you were in Toronto. Any chance you will ever come to Texas? Would soooooo love to see and. Hear you in person. I have waited so long. Still waiting!😍

  6. eric sier says:

    Hello mr maloo i am 48 jaars old and i love your song captain of her heart it is a amazing song greatings from eric sier from holland

  7. Alexander says:

    Hallo aus Russland! Ich bin Alexander aus Izhevsk (vor Ural). Danke für Double…85, 87 Einfach super die Alben… Der Stil, die Atmosphäre…Sound…sehr liebe…Mein Favorit auf heute- “Wonder”…danke…Alles Gute!

  8. Alex says:

    Hallo Herr Maloo,
    das ist jetzt etwas kompliziert. Ich suche ein Lied von ihnen. Kann jetzt aber nicht sagen ob es unter Double oder von ihnen als Solo gesungen wurde. Es muss um Captain of her Heart rum gewesen sein. Aber auf den Alben ringsherum konnte ich es nicht finden. Gibt es eine Möglichkeit eine Liste sämtlicher Veröffentlichungen irgendwo zu finden? Leider kann ich nicht mehr ganz sagen was als gesungene Komponenten vorkommen. Aber nicht lachen jetzt. “…Looking for…” kam drinne vor und ein Instrumentales Fragment war öfters, naja, n stelle sich ein kurzes höheres hupen vor das mit einem “hallen” gespielt wurde. Genauer kann ich es leider nicht beschreiben….Bitte nicht lachen 😀

  9. Tom Cockrell says:

    Hello Kurt – 31 years after the fact. For some reason, “The Captain of Her Heart,” popped into my head while I was playing my keyboards tonight. The first time I heard it was on the radio in Billings, Montana in the United States, and I was setting up with a band. I actually remembered who did the song, and it wasn’t hard to find it again after all this time. It still has that hook in it which just catches you, and the production on the song is great. I’m very glad to hear and see that you’re still at it. And I’m playing as well, albeit south of San Francisco. I hope that you’re well.

  10. Joseph Glasser says:

    Greeting Kurt.. after hearing Captain of her heart many, many years ago, i was captivated and mystified by this great arrangement.. The remix is also very nice… I produce and promote concerts in the USA Midwest region of St. Louis, Missouri. and The Texas Gulf coast area of Houston. Would you consider doing a tour in the US?. I can be contacted at agentglasser@hotmail.com or tga.glasser1982@gmail.com
    Until then, keep keep your musical groove going… Your the best. JHG

      1. Joseph Glasser says:

        excellent…look forward to hear from you soon. get back with me at the email addresses on record in our last contact and I will send you a phone contact number when you are ready.. until then, Good day and let your musical groove flow.

  11. Joseph Glasser says:

    Hello Mr. Kurt… Wrote too you Back in March about possibility of doing a tour in America.. Still working on a financial deal to put together a tour..will stay in touch.. also I have put featured my favorite Kurt Maloo – Captain of Her Heart/You Tube video on my company web site to try a build some interest/hype.
    I also put your web site link on my company page..
    HOPE this is OK with you…You can check it out at: http://www.theglasseragency.com
    If possible, Please link my web site with yours and let people know that if they would want you to tour America, to go to my site and message me so I may keep a count of the request.
    This will help me convince my finance people that your show would be a hit in this country.
    Get back too me soon..
    One of your biggest fans always..JHG

  12. Samuel Espinosa says:

    Señor kurt maloo tiene pensado hacer un nuevo álbum de musica?
    Si es así eso seria maravilloso
    Soy un joven de 17 años que vive en México y me encanta toda su musica y ese estilo de jazz único que tienen sus canciones

  13. Eric Pitt says:

    One in a million shot – just absolutely LOVE the Radio Version of The Captain of Her Heart, especially the smooth sound of the guitar – written tab? Great song with an incredible voice.

  14. Bruno Thomann says:

    Hallo Herr Maloo,
    Bin auf der Suche der CD’s Loopy Avenue (2006), Summer Of Better Times (2010), What About (2014)
    Leider in Europa nicht mehr lieferbar?! Amazon US will nicht liefern – wie weiter? Haben Sie noch welche im Keller, die nicht verstauben und gehört werden wollen?
    Gerne höre ich von Ihnen

  15. Emilio Doria says:

    Hello Kurt!
    The captain of her heart is a timeless song, music/lyrics , arrgt, singing are wonderful!
    I really would like to have your advise on one of my songs?
    So if you have a few mn to listen, here’s the link Youtube (demo)

    very best wishes
    Emilio Doria

  16. anna mosca says:

    Hi Kurt!
    Someone recently pointed out to me a video of Double on which I was on. What a beautiful surprise that was, believe me I had never seen the whole video we shot in Paris, as I was traveling a lot then. Thank you for posting it on YouTube!! It’s great.
    Anna Mosca here, from Marylin Gauthier Agency, the 1st blonde in the video (waiting on a balcony – rather bored – then – finally – walking down the street).
    I hope this finds you well… that was so long ago, ahaha.
    Are you still living in Zurich?

    1. Kurt says:

      Hi Anna! Yes, a long time ago, indeed. Thanks again for participating, you look great in the video! I live in Hamburg now and hope this finds you well too.

  17. anna mosca says:

    Thank you 🙏
    This song turned out to be a great success, happy for you!!! It’s still going great, the lyrics are timeless, yet very actual. Glad to contribute somehow 😊 a little bit.

    I started to read some of the comments below the video but there are way too many!!! 😆

  18. Iago says:

    Hi Kurt! There is a feeling that I can’t explain that the song Gliding leaves me with. It is simply wonderful, it touches my soul.
    City of Rain is a beautiful song, I really liked it, just like Man in Love

    I send you a cordial greeting, Iago, a 20-year-old from Rosario, Argentina, who since we were children together with my brother, we consumed his music.

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