Woman Of The World (revisited)

A few years ago the old school DJ Harvey started to play Double’s “Woman Of The World” (Long Instrumental Version) from 1984 in the clubs in L.A. and later included the song on his legandary “Sarcastic Disco” mix. On ebay.com the original 12″ sold for over $ 400 and we were asked to re-issue the record. We now have uploaded both versions from 1984 on iTunes. There are also some new compilations available on vinyl, featuring “Woman Of The World” (K7, Sonar Kollektiv).

I wonder if people dance the “Conga”, a famous dance in the early 1940s and the basic rhythm of “Woman Of The World”, when they hear the song. You can learn the dance by watching the cult movie “Hellzapoppin” from 1941. The scene when they`re dancing down the stairs…

One thought on “Woman Of The World (revisited)

  1. DoubleCity says:

    There’s a “reissue” of Woman Of The World 12″ vinyl available, but be aware that this is a bootleg. The label is Dischi Ricordi S.p.A., a label that doesn’t exist anymore. Since we here at DoubleCity can’t find the master of the 12″ version, they must have cut the record from a digital source, which means you won’t have the depth of the original. Therefore it seems to be easier to download the long version from iTunes and burn it on CD, unless you want to pretend you own the original 😉

    The DoubleCity Team

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