DJ high above the clouds

I have been asked to program an Inflight Radio Channel for Swiss Airline’s intercontinental flights. So if you happen to be on an A340 high above the clouds, make sure you’ll tune in to Channel 10. It will be on ’till December…

2 thoughts on “DJ high above the clouds

  1. Taner Ceylan says:

    Hallo Kurt! Wau you are not a dream.. I searched so much for your albums and videos,finally couple years ago I found some copies. But this night is full of magic! Your vidos on youtube and your Album I just ordered it from amazon… I am an Artist and your music was trough my life the baground music. You influenced me and my art a lot. And you must know that trough very hard times at the 80′ ies you gave me the power and hope to survive. I coudn’t belive that I am writing to you. Your incredible tempting voice your style ,devine! and the atmosphere your created was the same as the one that I try to creat in my paintings..I wish you the best from my heart..cheers
    Taner Ceylan

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