Playing Zurich

I haven’t been on stage in my hometown for 25 years. Shame on me. I will finally change this on November 12 at the Moods in Zurich. The show’s called “Kurt Maloo plays Double and more…”, which means you won’t miss the hits from the 80s but will also hear some new stuff from my albums “Soul and Echo” and “Loopy Avenue”. My band’s from Hamburg, Germany and you’ll love them. They are: Doris Decker, saxophone – Thomas Burhorn, trumpet – Kian Djalili, keyboards – Leonard Lazar, percussion. I really hope to see you there…

Kurt Maloo at the Mandarin Kasino, Hamburg 

4 thoughts on “Playing Zurich

  1. Uwe says:

    Enjoyed your concert at the Moods in Zurich, experiencing a band of sympathetic people that obviously have fun in what they do. Thank you for your music, it’s part of my life!

    I really hope you’ll be back some day for a new gig.

  2. Johannes Spillmann says:

    Hi Kurt,
    I caught your Nov 12 show at Moods, which I enjoyed greatly – thanks for playing Zurich again! I have been a fan of your music ever since I saw you play the Thearena in Zurich in 76 I believe it was.
    Best regards,
    J. S.

  3. Kurt says:

    Thanks to all of you who joined us at the Moods. You were a great audience and we loved to take you on a musicial journey through the past decades. I promise it won’t take another 20 years until the next time 😉

    Kurt Maloo

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