End Of The Season

This is made of stills from the original video, of which I don’t have a copy anymore. It was shot in 1991 north of Paris. If you have by chance an old VHS of the original, please contact me. It was broadcasted in France only at the time.

3 thoughts on “End Of The Season

  1. Marina says:

    Really nice work with only stills from the original!! Hope you’ll find someone with a copy of the entire video!! I was searching on Youtube for the Captain of her heart (which many had searched before me, obviously) and see with joy that you’re still making music and create beautiful songs!
    I was about to forget ! : a section “Lyrics” is missing on your website (at least for people like me who need to sing the songs they like). Wish you nice days in Hamburg, and maybe some venues in Paris, France?

    1. Marina says:

      Thank you so much for the link and your answer so fast! And the guitar tabs too?!! Great!!!!!! ;))) I hope so for 2011! Have a wonderful day! x

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