I was in Rome a few days ago. The mission was to perform The Captain Of Her Heart live on tv together with the Rai Uno Orchestra in the Friday night show “I migliori anni…”. They made a new arrangement of the song, that lasted only two and a half minutes. Well, so I went to Rome for two and a half minutes. Although it was worth it. I love the city with its hills and tall umbrella pines, the lack of homogene architecture, the people who loves to talk about everything more than doing anything, the food (had the best fettuccine al ragu after a perfect artichoke salad with passion fruit) and the women, who give you serious eye contact while passing by to make sure you have noticed them (…of course I did)…and the double ristretto outside in the sun in November ! Ok, I just thought I’d write this down, watching the snowstorm outside.

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